Why So Many People Play Online Blackjack

Because online Blackjack games are all run by software it removes the element of human error. There’s no dealer to make a mistake, and even in multiplayer versions the other players at the table can’t interfere with your decisions at all. Random Number Generators are developed for all casino games and are always tested by outside companies.

What’s easier than turning on a computer and loading a program? Forget booking a ticket to Las Vegas or driving for an hour to the nearest small casino. Simply load up the online casino of your choice, play for a few minutes or a few hours, and then log out.

After creating an account at the site of your choice, which takes just a few minutes, you can log in and play from anywhere. The computer in your living room or a laptop while on the road. If a business provides wifi it means you can load the games up on your laptop or other mobile device.

Smaller Minimums
Blackjack tables at casinos will often have high minimums, from $20 to $30, even on weekdays. There’s always the occasional casino that will go as low as $10, but when playing online the minimum required bet is usually only $1. You don’t have to be a high roller to play online.

Play Free Versions
This is the great option for new players or even people who just aren’t interested in gambling. Every different type of Blackjack the casino offers will also have a free version. Practice new strategies, become comfortable with the game, or just play for free to have some fun. There’s no charge!

I’ve put together a list of the best casinos for U.S. players as well as International players here.

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